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⚘ Relationships are key to care, education, and leadership. Learning and community springs from those relationships.

⚘ Joy and Play are important to the human experience-for both children and adults.

⚘ All children have the right to protection, education, care, shelter, good nutrition, and have access to safe natural spaces.

⚘ Our team will build Trust, which is key in a well-functioning team and to creating transformational relationships with families.

⚘ We will live in Integrity-Choosing courage over comfort; choosing what’s right over what’s fun, fast, or easy; and practicing our values, not just professing them.

⚘ We seek to work towards equity, diversity, inclusion, justice. We recognize that there is systemic racism built into the fields of early childhood childcare and education, environmental education, and agriculture. This issue impacts not only our community, but individuals. WCFC will seek to intentionally shift the inequity that exists in these fields both through our language and actions.

⚘ Teachers and staff play a vital role in the infrastructure of the Miami Valley community. We seek to create an environment that honors that role through generous wages and benefits.

⚘ WCFC values a strengths-based mindset.

⚘ We believe in restorative justice and fair conflict resolution. We normalize discomfort, love and vulnerability during courageous conversations.

⚘ We intentionally build a practice of presence, peace and mindfulness.

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