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⚘ Continuous learning is key to a growth mindset.

⚘ We commit to sharing knowledge and opportunities with other centers who desire to be more nature-based.

⚘ We commit to disrupting the dichotomy between care and education. What we do is vitally both.

⚘ Early Childhood Care and Education is a profession. As such, we strive for excellence.

⚘ Mental and physical health are key to being able to achieve our aspirations.

We support social emotional learning, healthy boundaries, and emotional literacy to support ourselves and each other.

⚘ We approach our work with an abundance-based mindset. There is enough for all if we are committed to working together and sharing our abundance.

⚘ We can all grow in our academic, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual journeys.  Adults are on that journey with the children we care for.


Are you looking to bring high-quality Ohio Approved trainings to your center, agency or conference?  We've curated meaningful staff experiences that focus on relationships, personal connections to nature, connections to developmentally appropriate practice for early childhood educators based in research.

We love sharing great texts and resources with folks on their nature-based journey.

Do you have one you like?  We'd love to hear about it!  

Email us at

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