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Connection to Nature

⚘ We support the land, build soil, diversity, and interdependence.

⚘ We seek to disrupt the dichotomy of nature and humanity. We are a part of this Earth with the agency to hurt or heal.

⚘ We work towards enhancing families’ ability and access to local food systems.

⚘ We strive to grow our own food.

⚘ We utilize an honorable harvest whenever foraging or seed keeping.

⚘ We encourage minimal use of natural resources and reusing materials.

⚘ We seek to understand Ohio’s phenology-the study of cyclic and seasonal

natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life.

⚘ We hold close the knowledge that the original and best caretakers of the Ohio

woodlands, prairies, and wetlands were forcibly removed and it is our

responsibility to caretake this space as best we can.

Here is a great list in the Dayton region of nature play spots!


A few other experiences that our clients have enjoyed!

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