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Wildcrafting & Walking

Connection to nature can be found in community together.  We have curated these two experiences which are perfect for team building, mindfulness for groups.  Teaching staffs, office staff, management teams would benefit from these events.  Email to get something on the calendar!

Wildcrafting Together

We'll bring the supplies to you!  Making natural items together is very soothing and can be done with a discussion while team members work.  

  • Basketry with English Ivy, daffodil leaves, yucca and more traditional materials!

  • Wreath making with local pine. 

Participants will all take an item home.  

Pricing varies and materials will be based on availability and season.

Making a Basket

Walking for Health & Connection

This work began with a local wellness committee.  Walking together several times over the course of a month or two can create a place-based connection and build team strength and mental health.  While we walk, we'll discover local plants, animals, and natural phenomenon that will change over our time together.  We will work with you to determine place (Dayton area), length, quantity, and accessibility.  

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