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Greetings!  I'm Meredith Florkey, a Nature-Based Educator and homesteader in Dayton, Ohio.  I've been working in early childhood education field for fifteen years and shifted to nature-based education nine years ago-I'll never leave!  It is an exciting time to work in the intersection of early childhood education, environmental work, and agriculture.  I am driven to not only make sure that children have repeatable access to the vital aspects of connection to nature, but I also advocate for those same experiences for teachers and families.  As adults, we have the power and responsibility to make sure children are able to benefit from time spent outdoors learning and playing.

Ohio Naturally's mission is to  create spaces of belonging for educators, children and families in alignment with our natural world where learning and growth are supported and celebrated.

I create educator workshops, events, and experiences to help support this work. We also spend a great deal of time in building coalitions, collaboratives and advocate with stakeholders to support this work. 

Our long-term vision is to change the way that early childhood education and care function in the Miami Valley, by co-creating quality nature-based child care centers and programs while serving as a hub for Ohio educators to connect, reflect, learn and play.  





Our Natural World

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