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Greetings!  I'm Meredith Florkey, a Nature-Based Educator and homesteader from Dayton, Ohio.  I've been fortunate enough to work with a fantastic team to open a Nature Based preschool at Learning Tree Farm in 2016.  The community that has emerged from that school and others like it from around southwest Ohio have driven a larger movement in our region and also in Ohio.  My family and I have been transitioning a 10 acre corner of land for the past 7 years to a closed loop agriculture plot utilizing regenerative and permaculture practices. It is an exciting time to work in the intersection of early childhood education, environmental work, and agriculture.


Ohio Naturally is an evolution of the collective work that seeks to elevate the Nature-Based Education field as a profession and increase the capacity of programming all over the state of Ohio.  The need for teacher training, consultation, advocacy, research and community building has been demonstrated by the rapidly growing interest by parents and educators alike.  I focus my efforts on current and potential educators as well as families interested in nature based education. 

My mission is to guide Ohio families, early childhood education programs, and schools to arrive at a more natural and research-based approach to learning that incorporates local food systems.

Using research, outdoor play and community, Ohio Naturally will train teachers and consult with Ohio schools or organizations.  It will work to increase the number of quality, nature-based schools in Ohio and advocate for children to spend more time learning outdoors.  I will leverage my interest and experience in the process of human systems in business to support others to grow their programs.



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