Exposure to Nature Creates Resiliency-Develop your plan

2 hours

Ohio Approved Training


In this interactive training, participants will learn the benefits of including nature in working with young children.  Participants will analyze where they lie on the nature based education continuum and create a goal for moving forward on that continuum.  This training is available at your site.

Nature Supports Early Childhood Development and Learning

2 hours Ohio Approved Training


In this hands-on training, participants will learn about how early childhood education and environmental education intersect.  Theory and practice will be discussed.  Natural items will be used to create quick mini lessons in each area of instruction.  Participants be able to identify how nature can be used as a part of curriculum to achieve all areas of instruction. The group will have discussion regarding being prepared for different types of encounters in the field and how to turn them into lessons that support development and learning.


Custom Training

Not for Ohio Approved Hours

What are you interested in learning more about?  Please let us know what aspect of Nature Baed Early Childhood Education you are interested in learning about.  We can customize programming to your needs.

Upcoming topics from Ohio Naturally

Ohio Approval pending

-Sticks and Stones won't break THESE bones!  The power of nature's loose parts

-Administrators & Directors: The basics of starting a Nature Based Preschool in Ohio

-Transitioning an existing preschool to a nature based preschool