SEEDS Through the Year-NEW!  In person

2 hours

Ohio Approved 



Audience: educators of young children

Seeds are all around us.  In this workshop we will examine not only the science of seeds, but also the cultural, metaphorical, and practical applications of seeds in the early childhood classroom.  Together we will examine free to low cost ways of looking at our world through a lens of seeds and growing things.  This workshop is ideal for child-led, discovery-led or project based learning.  Using hands-on exploration participants will help co-create ways to incorporate the natural world's seeds throughout the entire year and will walk away with a sample yearly outline as well as literature recommendations.  This workshop will be held both inside and will spend some time outside.  Please dress accordingly.

Sticks & Stones-synchronous online OR in person

1 hour Ohio Approved Training

AT131526 or AT132738

Audience: administrators and classroom teachers in traditional preschools

Children are often drawn to sticks, rocks, shooting activities and big body play.  This training will engage participants in discovering the developmental nature and value of these behaviors.  We'll review NAEYC recommendations about active outdoor play and ways to say yes to these behaviors and items in a classroom setting.  Teacher perspectives will be examined and we'll discuss how working outdoors with children and finding ways to be responsive to the natural behavior and pivot those to enhance learning.


1 hour

Ohio Approved 



Audience: classroom teachers in traditional preschools

The realities of COVID-19 in schools have shifted thinking to what is possible when working outdoors with children.  However, many teachers struggle with how to feel like they are accomplishing their developmental and learning goals when outdoors.  This training will introduce 4 core routines that you can use in your classroom right away as containers to hold other activites and lessons.  An experienced Nature Based Educator who has working in ODJFS and SUTQ programs utilizing these methods will help you embrace the outdoors-no need for a fancy nature playground or forest!

1 hour

Ohio Approved 



Audience: classroom teachers in traditional preschools

Being outdoors with children is now becoming viewed as more and more healthy and valuable.  But what about standards, goals, assessment and learning?  This presentation will explore the health and wellness benefits as well as helping educators see beyond themes and how playful learning in the outdoors can create an environment where all requirements of our job as early childhood educators present themselves naturally.  Roadblocks and methodologies will be discussed as well as encouraging an exploration of working differently, not harder.

1.5 hours

Ohio Approved 



Audience: classroom teachers in traditional preschools

In this interactive training, participants will learn the benefits of including nature in working with young children.  Participants will analyze where they lie on the nature based education continuum and create a goal for moving forward on that continuum.  Participants will build a list of immediate and concrete take away activites and new ways of utilizing classroom time as well as building their network for support in incoporating more outdoor learning.  

Navigating the Different Possibilities Walking into Your Program with Nature

1 hour

Audience: classroom teachers in traditional preschools and nature based educators

Ohio Naturally will partner with Rooted in Nature to lead participants from theory to execution.  Together we will explore why learning and leading children with challenges in a variety of domains is essential.  Philosophy and ethics will be discussed.  A hands on activity will be shared to create empathy before we move on to developing strategies from both areas of education.  There will be time for participants to share strategies as well as ask specific questions about children they work with.

Nature Supports Early Childhood Development and Learning-face to face

2 hours Ohio Approved Training


Audience: classroom teachers in traditional preschools

In this hands-on training, participants will learn about how early childhood education and environmental education intersect.  Theory and practice will be discussed.  Natural items will be used to create quick mini lessons in each area of instruction.  Participants be able to identify how nature can be used as a part of curriculum to achieve all areas of instruction. The group will have discussion regarding being prepared for different types of encounters in the field and how to turn them into lessons that support development and learning.

Custom Training

Not for Ohio Approved Hours

What are you interested in learning more about?  Please let us know what aspect of Nature Baed Early Childhood Education you are interested in learning about.  We can customize programming to your needs.

Upcoming topics from Ohio Naturally

Ohio Approval pending

Administrators, Directors, Nature Center Directors:

-Is a nature based preschool right for my Park department or nature center?

-The basics of starting a Nature Based Preschool in Ohio-1 year cohort-online

-Transitioning an existing preschool to a nature based preschool-1 year cohort-online


-Summer Teacher Retreat-in person-summer 2022

-Nature based education and how it looks in 4 seasons -in person, quarterly 2022

     -Teaching outdoors in Summer!

     -Teaching outdoors in Fall!

     -Teaching outdoors in Winter!

     -Teaching outdoors in Spring!


Thanks again for providing these trainings and sharing your experiences with me! I enjoyed getting to know you and hope we can find ways to collaborate in the future as life normalizes.  I found your presentations to be rooted in solid research, insightful, loaded with helpful tips, and connected to meaningful stories.  I will spread the word about Ohio Naturally and hope you find receptive audiences throughout our wonderful state!

Grateful and inspired,